• Eligibility

    1. Students who have passed the O-Level Examination offered by CIE or an equivalent board (such as examinations offered by Edexcel or the London Board) or are appearing in the May-June 2016 examination session are eligible to apply.
    2. Students admitted to the A-Level are generally in the age group 15-18 years. The Admissions Committee may in special circumstances allow admission to deserving candidates not falling in this age bracket.
    3. The A-Level program at Saint Patrick’s High School is highly competitive and students having less than 5 As/A* in their core O-Level subjects are advised to apply at colleges other than Saint Patrick’s to avoid disappointment.
    4. Students may not be offered a subject in their A-Level Program if they do not have a minimum A grade in the same subject in their O-Level exam. The Academic Council/Admissions Committee may decide such cases on individual basis if there is any justification to the contrary.
    5. Admission to certain courses like English Language and English Literature may require a written test or interview by the subject teacher.


    How do I start?

    Saint Patrick’s High School will admit students to the A-Level Program starting in September 2017 in the following cycles:

    1. Early Admissions Cycle: Those students who would not like to take the risk of missing out the opportunity of being at Saint Patrick’s may opt for the Early Decisions stream. Forms can be downloaded from the link below and completed forms together with all supporting documents must reach the A-Level Admissions Office for consideration.
    2. Regular Admissions Cycle: A limited number of seats are offered to aspiring candidates after the O-Level results have been announced by CIE. For the Regular Decisions Stream, the admission forms together with supporting documents must reach the A-Level Admissions Office within 3 working days of the declaration of results of the O-Level examinations by the respective boards.

    Documents Required

    1. The duly completed admissions form signed by the candidate and the parents/guardian of the candidate.
    2. Principal’s Confidential Report (stamped and sealed), filled by the head of the institution last attended.
    3. Attested photocopies of school transcripts (class X & XI).
    4. Attested copy of ‘B’ Form.
    5. Attested photocopies of CIE results, if already appeared for. For the early admissions cycle, the CIE results must be submitted within 3 days of the announcement of result by Cambridge University or equivalent board to confirm admission.

    Teacher and Principal recommendations can be submitted at the time of interview. You will be assigned a date for the interview once you submit your forms. You don’t need Teacher and Principal recommendations at the time of submitting the forms.

    Early Admission Forms 2017-18  (Prospectus for the upcoming 2017-18 session will be uploaded soon)


    Admissions Procedure

    1. The candidate will submit all forms and supporting documents by the application deadline.
    2. Eligible candidates will be given a date/time slot to appear for an interview before the Admissions Committee and to sit for a test if required.
    3. For some subjects the subject teacher may also meet the potential candidate.
    4. Based on the recommendations of the Admissions Committee, the candidates and the parents will meet the Dean/Admissions Officer authorized by the Dean for a final interview and finalization of admission.
    5. Upon approval you will be asked to submit the admission and tuition fees within a prescribed time period. An offer letter with the students’ code of conduct and other school policies will be provided.
    6. On production of original paid fee receipt and the signed offer letter, the candidate will be registered as an A-Level student at Saint Patrick’s High School.