Campus Life

  • Campus life at St. Patrick’s High School adds to the rich A’ Levels experience.

    The classrooms, imbibed with the spirit of a rich history, provide an easy air to the educational environment at the school. Yet, in addition to the thorough course of studies, we fully realize the needs of our students.

    During their free periods, students are allowed access to a diverse and curriculum-suited library, and a computer laboratory.

    For those hooked onto sports, there are badminton courts, two full-sized playing fields for cricket or football and a table tennis area.

    The quadrangle and the school auditorium are both available for students who want to take time out from their hectic schedules to relax for a moment.

    As such, Patricians are never bothered from their indulgences – as long as those are during free periods! Thus, life at St. Patrick’s High School encompasses all aspects of what an ideal Campus Life should entail, and regardless of the nature of the student, there is something to appeal to everyone.