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Aug 01

Commencement of classes for Second Years

Aug 09

Moc Rehearsal for Graduation ceremony

Aug 10

Farewell, batch of 2016

Aug 11

CIE result/Graduation Ceremony batch of 2016

The A2s would receive their result after the graduation ceremony.

Aug 14

Independance Day

Aug 19

Student Council’s Gowning Ceremony

Aug 27

Orientation for First Years

The orientation for the first years will be on Saturday, 27th August at 9 am. All students must be in proper school uniform.

Aug 29

Commencement of classes for First Years

Sep 10

Eid-Ul-Azha Holidays

Saturday 10th- Monday 12th

Sep 16

Welcome Party for First Years

Oct 10


Monday 10th- Wednesday 12th

Oct 14

Bake Sale

Oct 28

Beach Trip & Bonfire

Nov 05

Shamrock Cup 2k16

Event schedule: Saturday 5th- Sunday 6th For further info, keep synchronized with the facebook page;

Nov 09

Iqbal Day

Nov 12

Interhouse Tournament

Nov 19

Interhouse Tournament

Nov 21


Nov 26

Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM)

Dec 05

Midterms Commence

Monday 5th- Friday 16th

Dec 19

Winter Vacations

19th December 2016- 5th January 2017

Jan 07

Admin PTM

Jan 14

Mindboggle / Play

Jan 21

Interhouse Quiz

Jan 28

All Pakistan Declamation Contest (APDC)

Saturday 28th- Sunday 29th

Feb 04

SPECTRUM / Battle of the bands

Saturday 4th- Sunday 5th

Mar 23

Pakistan Resolution

Apr 01

Mock Exams commence

Saturday 1st- Wednesday 12th

Apr 13

Easter break

Thursday 13th- Monday 17th

Apr 18

Mock Paper Review

Tuesday 18th-Friday 21st

Apr 24

Revision Classes

Monday 24th- Wednesday 26th

Apr 27

Collection of ‘Statement of Entries’

Thursday 27th- Friday 28th

May 01

GoodLuck for your CIE Examinations